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Vendor : Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional
Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional (RSSI) is a modern health and medical facilities, that present Surabaya society and around it, a new era of high qu
Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional (RSSI), is a health service facility that start to operate at March 16th, 1998. Today, RSSI operates 168 bedrooms, at quite and comfortable location in East Surabaya.

As the part of Ramsay Health Care Australia, RSSI’s headquarters is in Jakarta that is Ramsay Health Indonesia, which also has two other hospital, that is RS. Mitra Internasional dan RS. Internasional Bintaro. Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional (RSSI) is a modern health and medical facilities, that present Surabaya society and around it a high quality health and medical service, under the management of Ramsay Health Care Australia. It is the join of commitment and experts from Indonesia and Australia. RSSI start to operate at March 1998. In its homeland, Ramsay Health Care has and handles around 50 hospitals that spreads in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. Besides that, Ramsay Health Care is also the biggest company in Australia that provide pathology service facilities and has strategic investment through its medical clinics and radiology centers. Today, in Indonesia, Ramsay Health Group has 3 hospitals, that is Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional in Surabaya, RS. Mitra Internasional, Jakarta and RS. Internasional Bintaro, Jakarta.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

To establish and maintain a reputation throughout Indonesia for clinical excellence and superior service in the provision of personalized and holistic care.

Mission :
The achievement of clinical excellence and superior service will be built upon a commitment to continuos quality improvement. This commiment will be reflected in the professional development, ongoing education and research and compliance to national and international quality standards at all levels of the organization.

Through strong, leadership and dedicated team of professional medical and ancillary staff, our health care activities will be conducted in a friendly and caring environtment in which the organization enjoys the support of Doctor's, staff, the community and other internal and external customers.

Sustainable growth and financial success is underpinned by our consistency with the values of our joint venture partners.

Key Values :

   * Integrity
    * Ethical
    * Professional
    * Service Orientation
    * Long Term Commitment

Human Resource
Having Image as a company that gives service, RSSI considers human resource as an important thing, that is as the main resources in our business. Therefore, we have strong commitment to increase their ability and skill through education and related training.

Specialists in Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional have been accredited from Medical Advisory Committee. It means that they have been accepted by their colleague and admitted by hospital’s management as the best in their each fields. Many of them receive reference and international experience in Australia, United States and Europe. Their skills will be made perfect by their routine attendance and by making them as the fixed expert team from Australia or others countries that will give symposium or seminar about doctor.

On Duty Physician
Service and direct consultation that given by our specialist is equipped by on duty physician that stay in the hospital for 24 hours a day, in order to handle patients in Emergency Unit and patients in other part.

Nursing Staff
RSSI allows to proud because of having high quality nursing staff. Australian Nurse Advisor recruits the best nurses through tight selection and gives intensive training and education, therefore they have skill technically and medically and has full attention attitude and friendly behavior to all patients. Their target is making all nurses minimally in short time has Diploma (D3) Nurse education level.

Other Staff
RSSI has Education and Quality Department which function is giving education, training and value all staffs start from nursing division, security, customer service, until administration division, in order to increase human resources and our service.  All of our staff, start from receptionist, nurse, security until household and maintenance staff is prepared to help and give their best service for your comfort and satisfaction. RSSI, in its operation, supported by Infection Control Management staff, in order to control, supervise and prevent infection or disease germ contamination. Biomedical Engineering, in order to arrange their treatment, fixing and in calibrating medical tools that being used. Engineering Department which duties are handle and maintain all electrical utilities, AC, and other building media. It is supported by House Keeping Department, Food & Beverage, Security, Laundry, MIS and Administration Departments.

A. Clinical block

At 1st Floor:
Lobby and Receptionist
Patient Registration and Information Locket
Specialist Consultation Room
Emergency Unit and On Guard Physician
Pharmacy Installation
Food and Beverage
Administration Office

2nd Floor:
Surgery Room
Cathetrization Laboratory (CAU)
Specialist II Consultation Room
Pathology Laboratory
Physiotherapy Room
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Room

B. Ward Block
This ward is used and designed for in patient treatment, and it is separated from Clinical Block. There is 154 beds and it is divided into 4 wards :
Medical ward, first floor
Paediatrics and Surgical ward, first floor
Obstetric and Gynecology ward, second floor
General ward, second floor

C. Service Block
Generator set room
Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Office
Liquid Waste Processing Installation
Medical Gas Installation
Treatment and Tool Fixing Room

Information and Registration
Operator & General Information
031 – 599 3211 ext. 0
Ambulance & UGD
031 – 599 2992, 599 3211 ext. 3150
031 – 591 3127, 599 3211 ext. 3127
031 – 599 3211 ext. 3106/3290
Medical Check Up
031 – 599 3211 ext. 3025
Surabaya CLP Centre
031 – 599 3211 ext. 3210
031 – 599 5875, 599 3211 ext. 3119/3191

Visiting Hour
10.00 – 12.00
16.00 – 19.00

Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional

Jalan Nginden Intan Barat Blok B
East Java

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